Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Yes I know it seems odd to be doing an update on the FRIENDS swap from last year but we had an issue with Meg and Shruti. The issue started that both couldn't seem to get emails from each other. We have no idea why they couldn't receive them from each other as they could both receive them from me and respond to me. I had no issues at all getting them from either of them. Meg uses her work email and had the IT department look into it but there was no trouble on their end as far as they could see.

Meg sent her parcel to Shruti who was advised that customs wanted her to pay Rs 3000 (Close to US$56) to get it. Even though it was a gift. Shruti advised she couldn't afford to pay it and that she wasn't picking it up. Shruti said she had sent Megs parcel but it was never received by Meg at all. What bothers me is that Shruti has never offered to put together another parcel which is what I would have done if somebody hadn't received my parcel. I think most of us would have sent another if we knew that we had definitely sent something out and the fact that she knew Meg had sent to her but she wasn't willing to pay to have it picked up from customs. I feel for Shruti but don't know what else to say to her regarding this issue. I feel that Meg did the right thing, so, "what does one do" when the other person won't pick theirs up from customs. Meg has not received the parcel back from the Indian Customs either.

In hind sight I think I would have told both of these ladies to call the swap off and not send anything to either because they couldn't communicate with either without me sending the emails to them. The other thing was that Meg said she left messages on Shruti's blog but she never responded to them either. It leaves me questioning a lot of things. I have had issues with some swappers not communicating with their partners and I have told them to call off the swap. I would rather them not send something out then be stiffed by not getting something in return. For some reason I felt that this swap wasn't going to be like that but I feel that it is more one sided that I realised it would be.

Thankfully.....we had a wonderful Swap Angel do up a parcel for Meg and Meg has just received it. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Naomi for offering to take this on and go out of her way to send a parcel of lovely goodies to Meg. I truly appreciated your generosity Naomi. I know we have all been stiffed in the past with swaps but it really is nice to know somebody else has the thoughtfulness to offer their time and resources to make somebody else feel special. Thanks my friend.


Beeshebags said...

You're welcome Khris....what a dilemma you must've been in and being in different countries doesn't help either.

Hindsight is always a wonderful thing at the other end. Like you said, if you'd thought about it more, you would've stopped their swap happening when they couldn't email each other, but I know you, you like seeing other people get 'goodies' and you also don't like to think the worst of people.

Sorry this happened to your swap....hopefully it hasn't tainted your views on hosting future swaps, as yours are always fun.

I'm glad Meg's parcel from arrived, and that she likes it.


Wacky Woman said...

Oh what a lovely thing for Naomi to do. I know you feel badly about this Khristina. But, it's nice to know that we also have "Naomi's" in the world as well. Here, here Naomi!

Cheryll said...

It's hard being the swap Mama.. making the hard decisions sometimes.. but thankfully "this" doesn't happen all that often so we keep doing it don't we! You do a great job Kris too!!!! :)

Jude said...

Naomi must be a great woman to send the parcel and it did sound that all was not right with the swapees but you still run very good and honest swaps Khris.

shez said...

Its tough being a swap muma sometimes and your friend swaps are so much fun,the 2 that i have been in i have made life friends and one has even been down to visit me and is coming back again this year,so thanks to you Kris i have made 2 wonderful friends in Vickie and Tracee.
What a wonderful thing for Naomi to do for Meg.xx

Michele Kampen said...

I really hope that this doesnt deter you from doing these swaps. I met my swap buddy from 'friends 2012' last weekend....she is amazing and very lovely. She has become a really good friend to me even though we live miles apart we share just about everything.
I appreciate all you do Khris.

Lois said...

What a dilemma that was and how nice of Naomi to step in and help out, very nice indeed.

Lucky-1 said... a happy ending.
Good on ya Nomes. xoxo

Chris H said...

Well done Nomes!

creativedawn said...

Awwww, Naomi, the loving one, you did good! hugzzzzz. I know you know how it feels to be swapping and not get yours!!! ;-). Khris, you are a real sweetheart and I hope you don't let the wacky old world keep you from hostessing this years' Friends Swap...

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Girl....I know you didn't type "stiffed" in that post...I just know you didn't. Oh wait...I know you...and you did! ROFL

The Dag

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